Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Great Blue Heron.

This time on a piece of driftwood, picked up on the beach. I had attached this to the fence near our pond, hoping it would deter the other herons, but to no avail.
(Acrylic on plywood - 45cm x 80cm)

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van dyke said...

I think it's in the way the animal's eyes perceive reality that your painting on driftwood didn't deter other herons. Maybe they looked at it and appreciated it for the good painting that it is and thought well of it - and of course, that didn't make them go away. I've always been a fan of art on different natural materials like driftwood or bone and such. It always adds another dimension of interest and a tactile connection with nature which, with natural subjects such as your heron, add to the viewing experience. Nice work.